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Lisa-Marie G.

The best decision we could have made! Rev. Louis was nothing short of amazing to work with. He made planning the ceremony EASY, he makes sure to get to know each of you personally to add those special touches in the ceremony, this was not a typical ceremony everyone has heard and been to a bazillion times, it was so personalized and completely expressed our relationship, many guests thought that Rev. Louis has known us for years. He also knows how to hit all the feels, guests cried, laughed, and were certainly touched, because still to this day people are going out of their way to say how amazing the ceremony was, most people told us it was the best they have ever attended. Our ceremony was on the beach, but the service was very clear and everyone was able to hear the words spoken ( our dj set up a microphone and speakers on the beach ) Rev. Louis had all speeches, vows and spoken words nicely prepared for us so there was no fumbling ,or removing paper from unmentionable areas. Rev. Louis has some of his own special touches that he will ask to incorporate into your ceremony, we loved and appreciated each one of his suggestions, the ceremony was perfect...we would not have changed a thing. Rev. Louis knows how important and special your wedding day is, and will certainly go above and beyond to ensure the ceremony is special, intimate, and personalized to fit your relationship and what you desire for your ceremony. I strongly recommend choosing Rev. Louis, you will not be disappointed.


A good officiant is a good orator. This individual is not only going to play an important role in your wedding, but the rest of your life, too. You will always remember the person who stood in front of you as you said your vows and put a ring on your partner's finger. For this reason, as well as many more, it's wise to choose Lou as your officiant. Rev. Lou displays confidence, speaks clearly and understands how to create dramatic tension when necessary as well as levity, taking everyone on a journey with his words and voice. While your ceremony is, indeed, about you and your spouse-to-be, and the love you share between the two of you, your officiant will be the 'host of the show; and Lou is the perfect host. We feel so blessed that we met him!

Russ W.

Reverend Lou was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was respectful of what we wanted out of a service while adding creative ideas to make our service unique. The end result was a beautiful interfaith service that everyone was talking about. I would highly recommend Lou to any couple looking for a great service.

Michael M.

Working with Rev Louis on our wedding ceremony was a pleasure. He is warm, light hearted and professional at the same time. He works with you to construct the words to ceremony together. In the time leading up to the wedding my wife and I got to know Louis in person and over email. We answered a questionnaire about our relationship and from the meeting we had and the answers we gave, our ceremony was built with the perfect balance of emotion and levity. The ceremony went great with many of our guests complimenting his service.

Nick V.

From an incredibly grateful groom: I don’t usually take the time or effort to leave reviews. I don't post my thoughts on twitter or facebook. My leaving this review is out of character for me, and 100% inspired by Reverend Lou and how special he made me and my wife’s wedding ceremony. Wedding planning is incredibly stressful. There are so many moving pieces, and a myriad of details that couples need to set in stone for their big day. My wife and I found ourselves second-guessing many of our choices in the time leading up to our big day, but from the moment we met Lou, we knew he would be the person to marry us. My wife is Anglican and I was baptized Roman Catholic, so we wanted a ceremony that was not only personal and romantic, but one which also reflected a sense of spiritual pluralism and diversity. Lou delivered all of this, and more! Lou is compassionate and kind. He is patient and funny. My wife and I work opposite schedules, but Lou was accommodating of this, making time to meet with us, and was incredibly communicative and responsive. As I am sure he can attest, my wife is a hard woman to please, but Lou responded to each and every of her questions and concerns in stride. Having such a thoughtful, communicative and caring officiant put me and wife’s nerves at ease. Lou takes the time and care to get to know both bride and groom both as a couple, and separately as individuals. The first-hand knowledge he gained in getting to know my wife and I shined throughout our ceremony. Lou had me and my wife, and our guests, laughing at one moment, and crying the next - all while maintaining a spiritual atmosphere. Additionally, and importantly, Lou is a people person. Face it – your wedding day will be a whirlwind of nerves and emotion. On your big day, there will be the venue to deal with, as well as vendors (band/DJ, florist, photographer and/or videographer) and not to mention your wedding party (who you may have to herd like cats for the ceremony) and family members (who may also need to be herded). Lou was able to maneuver all of these variables and collaborate effectively and productively with the venue staff, our vendors and our wedding party (my wife and I each had 6 members of our wedding party, so this was no light task) to make our ceremony move smoothly and beautifully. Lou delivered everything my wife and I could have ever wanted from our ceremony. We are so fortunate to have had him marry us, and I hope this review inspires you to choose him as well!

Mike M.

My wife and I are not very religious people, but we do put thought into the spiritual side of life. We wanted our wedding ceremony to be meaningful, and we wanted someone who would be able to understand our (not so easy) family situations and convey the type of love we have for each other in an authentic way. Louis was fantastic from the very first minute we met him. He was genuine, funny, real, and clearly grounded and connected. He offered us support in many ways. At one point throughout the year, I was agonizing over a decision on whether or not to include my brother in my wedding party. I called Louis, and after only having met once, he spoke to me on the phone for half an hour and helped me more than anyone else in my life was able to. He is a truly special person who made our big day very nice, and we hope to keep him as a part of our life going forward. Many, many people commented on how well done the ceremony was.


Written from the groom: Second to finding the right girl, figuring out who will officiate your wedding is probably the most important decision you'll be involved in. It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Rev. Lou to all those searching for the right person. My wife and I met with many officiants and while every one of them was great in his or her own way, after one meeting it was beyond clear to us that Rev. Lou was our guy. We met a few more times and left every meeting feeling more secure in our decision. He took the time to hep us create the perfect ceremony, on our day just seeing Lou put me at ease. We started down this road looking for a business partner, but Lou made himself a part of our family. He delivered a perfect ceremony that everyone loved. I am forever grateful that Rev. Lou was our officiant and took part in one of the most important days of our life. From the bride: While working on planning our wedding we met so many different vendors, some days were more overwhelming than others. Then we met Rev. Lou, and everything just fell into place. We had our officiant, someone who really understood what my husband and I wanted our wedding ceremony to encompass. I could relax, I had Rev. Lou and I knew that my wedding was going to be perfect. When we spoke or met with Lou he had this calming presence that just made planning a wedding seem like a walk in the park. His ideas were creative, fresh, modern, yet traditional, and like a wedding ceremony I had never seen before in my life. By the day of my wedding I felt like I had know Rev. Lou for years. He truly became a part of our family over the time we planned our wedding. Lou took care of all of the important details for us to make sure our day was about us. Although our wedding was an interfaith wedding, Rev. Lou did a ketubah ceremony which was beautiful. There is no reason to look any further than Rev. Lou to be your wedding officiant.